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Record a personal and professional video

Iphone record
  • HD video quality
  • Add video filters for a great look
  • Overlay text for a personal message
  • Discover internal company videos
  • Upload videos to OneMob cloud
  • Save videos to drafts

Manage, share, and track all your content in OneMob

Library page
  • Content management for all your videos and documents
  • Customize landing pages and email templates for you and your team
  • Connect with prospects, customers, partners, and employees using OneMob
  • Collect real-time activity to measure effectiveness

The Power of OneMob in Salesforce

Sf screen1
  • Send to any Salesforce Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, or Case
  • Send from Lead and Contact list views
  • Automatically track OneMob engagement to the related Salesforce record
  • Measure effectiveness with custom Reports and Dashboards
  • AppExchange Package available

Brian Ludwig, SVP of Sales

"Our global sales team uses OneMob to enhance communications with both prospects and customers. It creates a personalized and unique touch point that stands above all the other noise in someone’s email inbox, and helps us to build and solidify relationships, resulting in more business. I also use it internally to inspire my team by recognizing outstanding sales performers or to communicate key announcements. I am amazed at the high level of engagement I see after each OneMob video that I send."

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